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What should you know about your sign needs before you contact SpecialFX Signs?  
  1. What is the over all purpose of the sign?
  2. What is the benefit to be had or the problem to be solved by the sign?
  3. What is the sign's specific message?
  4. Who is the target audience?
  5. What is the viewing distance?
  6. What is the viewing time? Is the target audience lingering nearby or are they driving at high speeds?
  7. Is the sign to be temporary or permanent?
  8. Is the sign to be used indoors or outdoors?
  9. Does the sign need to be mounted?
  10. Does the sign need to be portable/removable?
  11. When do you need the sign?
  12. Do you have any additional signs and graphics needs that we can assist you with?

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